peonies and power tools

Welcome to Peonies and Power Tools,

I’m Ellie!  A mother, grandmother, DIYer and unfathomable optimist. I love to decorate, remodel, garden, bake and refinish everything.  

Five years ago I became a widow after 48 years of marriage and I began my journey of living alone and taking sole responsibility for my home. 

I had big dreams but, low and behold, seemingly simple tasks required the aid of YouTube tutorials and more! After making loads of mistakes, I have learned a lot.

My goal is to share with you my journey of DIY learning and confidence building. 

If you are a woman who has found herself suddenly alone, please know that it is possible to take charge of your life and be happy. You can do so many things you thought you never could. 

It is never too late to reset your life, define new goals and learn something new. I know you can do it!