A Christmas Gift Round Up For A Difficult To Buy For Person


Do you have a person on your list who is absolutely impossible to buy for?  I am one of those people.

How did this happen?

It all started years ago when my parents sold their condo and retired south.  I was in charge of the move and the clean-out which followed.  OMG!  This is when I vowed to never do this to my kids.  I would start culling my belongings.  “Please don’t buy me any more stuff,” I pleaded. 

Well….. that didn’t work and this is why; I personally love gifting.  Completely my fault.  It brings me such joy to watch my family members open their gifts.  If there is any squealing involved, I am especially happy!  I admit that I have let the amount I spend get a bit out of control and know I should cut back.  And I understand why my kids feel the need to reciprocate.

So what to do?


We have started to use the wish list system, which works pretty well.  If I think of something I need, I put it on the list.  There is never much on the list, though, because I really don’t need much.  So yes, I am one of those difficult-to-buy-for-people.

Gifts that made me smile

Now I’m cleaning up after Christmas and putting my lovely gifts away.  I am enjoying them again as I realize how thoughtful they all are.  

Thank you to my son-in-law for a whole bunch (6) of HOT DATES.  God knows, at my age, it’s difficult to get just one!  Isn’t this a hysterical gift?  Not on my list, by the way, but incredibly delicious.  And…10% of the profits are donated to causes that help combat climate change and reduce poverty.  My kind of company.  You can get them here…hotdatekitchen.com


Look at this beautiful wine bottle bag from my daughter-in-law!  I don’t know where she bought it, but there are similar bags on Amazon.  And, of course, it came with a bottle.


Don’t scoff, this was on my list!  I haven’t tried it yet but it’s the iron I wanted and the best thing about it is, it can be used vertically as a steamer!


Isn’t this bag funny?  I love it and can’t wait to take it grocery shopping!  There is a similar one here.


Another item from my wish list.  When Covid-19 hit I bought a bike to keep myself in shape during my quarantine.  But, in order to ride it, I needed to get it out of my hilly neighborhood!  Bottom line, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t ridden it yet.  Now I have no excuse!  Get moving Ellie!


My first sleep mask.  Sometimes I am literally awake all night.  This comes with age, I’m told. This mask is so soft.  And it’s weighted!  I find that the gentle pressure really does help calm my mind!  It can be found here.


This is really neat.  A refresher to spray on my mask between washings.  It may be found at Mono Mono Boutique.


Isn’t this the most gorgeous rain gauge?  I was expecting a plastic one! Available on Amazon.


Who knew that Ryobi makes a glue gun?  Woohoo!  Two great things about it; first, of course, no cord.  The other great thing is that it stands up!  So much easier to control.


The gifts I have shared with you here are my actual gifts and the links are here to help if you would like to find them.  I am not receiving a stipend of any sort for recommending these gifts.  


In summary, what to do if you have a difficult to buy for person on your list

  • Try the wish list system.  It will at least give you ideas.
  • Think of something funny in a thoughtful way.
  • Favorite consumables are great and won’t take up space for long.
  • Remember that it really is the thought that counts.




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