Toe Envy, An Epiphany

I had a pedicure the other day.  So relaxing.  It’s the nicest little luxury I give myself.  I go in with tired feet and chipped, funky nails and come out with smooth massaged feet, beautiful toenails and a restored soul.  Or soles, ha ha. But during this last pedicure, I found myself admiring the toes … Read more

Amazing Gifts for a Tween Boy

  Looking for some gift ideas for tween boys? Me too!  William, my youngest grandchild is now 11, well into his tween years.   I can’t believe it!  They grow up too fast. It’s a tricky age, too old for actual toys yet too young for a motorcycle.  They still love to play but want something … Read more

Fast Easy Clean-Up Thanksgiving

  I’m going to create an eat-and-run, fast and easy clean-up Thanksgiving dinner this year as I’m hitting the road early the next day.  Actually, I’m hitting the air, not the road, as I’m flying to Disney with a bunch of my hand-bell-ringing friends to participate in The Great Disney Christmas Ring.   Woo hoo! As excited … Read more

How To Find Your Soul Mate Without Getting Scammed

What Is A Romance Scammer? The Wikipedia definition of a romance scammer is: A romance scam is a confidence trick involving feigning romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to get the victim to send money to the scammer under false pretenses or to commit fraud against the victim. … Read more

Ultimate Widow Dating Guide

Hello ladies!  I have been dating for several years now and I’ve had this idea knocking around in my head that I should write a guide to let you all take advantage of the lessons I have learned through experience.  I am not a dating expert by any stretch of the imagination, but dating can … Read more

Do Bugs In Your House Wig You Out?

Do bugs in your house wig you out? Me too! Bug extraction was always my husband’s job.  As a widow, that job is all mine.  Generally, I have a “live and let live” philosophy about bugs, but there is something about those creepy little things crawling around at night that completely wigs me out. Why … Read more