How to Enclose an I-Beam in the Basement Ceiling

The ceiling in my basement was quite horrible.  Not only did it have a crazy amount of wires hanging down loosely, and pipes, of course, but it had a massive steel I-beam running right down the middle of it.  My husband actually admired that I-beam and wanted to showcase it.  Hmmm…. not my style at … Read more

How To Rip Up Carpet From Stairs

  I had one big thing left to do in my basement.  Rip up the ugly carpeting on the stairs. During construction in the basement, I realized that I might cause a lot of damage to the stairs, so I had saved them till last.  When refinished, I wanted them to be gorgeous. I literally couldn’t … Read more

Fun With Shiplap

So, what in the world is “shiplap“? Of course, I’d heard of it, cause I don’t live under a rock and I watch the show “Fixer Upper“.  But what is it really?? Defined in the dictionary as “a type of wooden board used commonly as exterior siding in the construction of residences, barns, sheds, and … Read more

The Miracle Product That Made It All Possible

  There is more than one way to stud a wall. Not wanting to bore you with the old-fashioned way, the way that requires two people or at least one very strong person, I am going to tell you about the way I, a grandmother, did it all by myself!  I didn’t invent this product, … Read more

Make An Ugly Basement Beautiful

The Beginning It was a typical basement; concrete walls, an unfinished ceiling with exposed pipes and wires going every which way, lots of spiders, and a few mice. Really ugly.  If I looked past this, though, I could see that it had some advantages: It is really big The furnace and hot water heater are … Read more