How I Fell In Love With Power Tools

  It is Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking about how much I love my power tools!  When I first became a sole DIYer, I was comforted by the fact that my husband had left me with a fully equipped workshop right next to the room I’d be working on. So convenient! Then I tried to … Read more

The Miracle Product That Made It All Possible

  There is more than one way to stud a wall. Not wanting to bore you with the old-fashioned way, the way that requires two people or at least one very strong person, I am going to tell you about the way I, a grandmother, did it all by myself!  I didn’t invent this product, … Read more

Make An Ugly Basement Beautiful

The Beginning It was a typical basement; concrete walls, an unfinished ceiling with exposed pipes and wires going every which way, lots of spiders, and a few mice. Really ugly.  If I looked past this, though, I could see that it had some advantages: It is really big The furnace and hot water heater are … Read more