What to wear instead of skinny jeans

    In 2016 I decided to revamp my style.  It was then that I got my first pair of skinny jeans, in my first box from Stitch Fix.  For those of you who don’t know, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  I was skeptical.  But when I put those magical babies on, I felt … Read more

What To Wear While Confined To An Ugly Surgical Boot

Have you noticed how many people are hobbling around in those ugly CAM boots lately?  I recently had surgery on my left foot and it seems like I’m going to be one of those hobblers for a long time. What Is A CAM Boot? A CAM (controlled ankle motion) boot is an orthopedic device prescribed … Read more

Sweater Roundup

  It has been a beautiful fall here in New England and I have finally become resigned to the fact that winter is coming.  I’ve been getting the house ready for fall, adding pumpkins here and there, getting my Thanksgiving menu ready, my fall chores done and suddenly I realized… baby, it’s cold out there!!  … Read more

How I Revamped My Wardrobe And Got Rid Of My Frumpy Style

There came a time in my life when I simply was not stylish.  Not exactly frumpy, but not exactly stylish either.  I had been in the fashion business for many years, advising others on their special wedding attire, but here I was at 68 and my personal style had dropped into the gutter.  Almost.  Having … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Stitch Fix, A Review

  I was passing a mirror and I actually thought I saw my mother in there.  My mother was a beautiful woman, but 24 years older than me.  It was then that I realized that while I had been caring for my sick husband, I had not been paying attention to me.  UGH, time for … Read more