How I Fell In Love With Power Tools


It is Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking about how much I love my power tools!  When I first became a sole DIYer, I was comforted by the fact that my husband had left me with a fully equipped workshop right next to the room I’d be working on. So convenient!

Then I tried to use his tools.


Hubby’s tools were old, heavy, and they all had cords. I tried to use them, I really did…. I am a thrifty sort. The first cut I made into my InSoFast insulation panel nearly went through the electrical cord of the old jigsaw.

Eeks! Don’t do that.


Picture of woman worried about danger of power tools


Ditching Hubby’s tools was difficult for me.  After all, they had belonged to Hubby!  At this point, I still had a closet full of his clothes.  Nevertheless, I turned on my computer and started shopping for new power tools without cords. A whole new world!

My first Ryobi tools

 Ryobi jigsaw

A picture of a Ryobi jigsaw

This would cut the insulation panels.  You can buy it this way, (click the picture to see) without a battery if you already have Ryobi tools and batteries and a charger.  Or you can buy the complete set with the battery and charger included. (click picture below)


Picture of Ryobi jigsaw with battery and charger

I chose Ryobi for its price, its light weight, and, of course, its pretty green color. 


Ryobi power caulking gun

The next tool I bought was the Ryobi power caulking gun. Did you know that caulk guns come with power




Picture pf Ryobi power caulking gun
I had a lot of fun with this tool!



This tool would magically apply the adhesive to the back of the insulation panels in a breeze without putting any stress on my arthritic finger and thumb joints. 

Now I was in business.

Best of all, Ryobi tools all use the same interchangeable battery and they have committed to never change it.  Each Ryobi tool is sold with or without the battery so you can buy the tool only.  It sure is handy to have more than 1 battery, though.  In 20 years when your Ryobi tool is still working but you need a new battery, no problem!

I was in love. 

Ryobi was for me.  



Ryobi brad nailer


A Picture of a Ryobi Brad Nailer
My Favorite Tool!



My favorite tool of all time is the Ryobi brad nailer.


I have terrible aim with a hammer, and… noisy compressors, bulky hoses, or expensive gas cartridges??  No thanks!  This tool is perfect for me, lightweight, and easy to aim.  The whole basement was renovated with this guy.  I didn’t stop there, though. 

My collection also includes:

  • Ryobi Compression Drive 3/8 in. Crown Stapler
  • Ryobi drill
  • Ryobi circular saw
  • Ryobi impact driver
  • Several chargers


Picture of my workbench with collection of Ryobi tools.

Reasons I bought Ryobi tools


  • They are cordless, this is a must
  • They are lightweight, so I can easily l lift them with one hand
  • They use the same interchangeable battery


I hope you all have great tools to love!


As always, take care. You can do it!



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  1. Hi Ellie! I really like your blog about your life, reviews, and “how to’s”. Many women don’t know how to diy. I didn’t, I re did my pantry and it took me 3x longer than it should have because I had to look EVERYTHING up 🤣. I am also new to blogging ( 1 post so far). I would love for you to check me out and give me some feed back 🙂 p.s it is still a work in progress

    • Hi Brittany! I just checked out your website and I think it’s impressive! Clearly you are more computer savvy than I am and also it is great that you have a good product to sell. I do not, but am hoping to take advantage of some affiliate marketing when I figure out how to do it. One thing I did notice is a typo on your “about” page; you wrote “trail and error” instead of “trial and error”. You must have seen the picture of me in my wine socks so you won’t be surprised that I’m interested in the wine club. Is that a good money maker for you? I have so many issues I am trying to figure out. It is a slow process but I’m staying positive and learning bit by bit. Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out! Ellie


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