Pros And Cons Of Stitch Fix, A Review


I was passing a mirror and I actually thought I saw my mother in there.  My mother was a beautiful woman, but 24 years older than me.  It was then that I realized that while I had been caring for my sick husband, I had not been paying attention to me.  UGH, time for a change.

Where to start??  My daughter suggested Stitch Fix and I was leery.  I couldn’t believe that someone else, even a professional stylist, could select clothing that would look good on me!  However, my daughter was enjoying her experience with Stitch Fix, so I gave it a try.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a fashion clothing subscription service where a professional stylist selects items for you based on a profile you have filled out in advance.  There is no membership fee and you are not locked in.  There is a very reasonable $20 styling fee, which can be used towards the purchase of any of the 5 items in the box.  And, if you decide to keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount.  Very cool.  Shipping both ways is free.

My First Box

Exciting.  The first thing I unwrapped was a tiny pair of jeans that I almost sent back without trying on.  No way would they fit me, no less look good!  I also got a sweater, a couple of tops, and a purse.  It was 4 years ago and I am still wearing those jeans!  My first pair of skinny jeans, which I never ever would have purchased on my own.  They are high-rise and extremely flattering.  The other items were OK and looked good with the jeans.  Why did they send me a purse??  I’d told them I didn’t need purses, but it was nearly free if I kept it with my 25% off.  So the first box was a definite winner. 

Going Forward

After that my experience was mixed, I kept some and sent some back.  I believe I sent the whole box back once.  I discontinued after a while.  By then I was getting a handle on my new style.  By the way, I did this review for your information.  It is not a paid review.  


  • Great way to try out new styles!  Like the skinny jeans, I never would have purchased otherwise.
  • Shipping is free both ways so you can exchange for size or just send things back without paying postage.
  • You get a personal stylist.  How cool is that and for only $20?!
  • They carry all sizes, Women sizes 0-24W (XS – 3X).  They also do men and children now, but I’m not covering that as I have no experience with it.
  • Request specific items. If there’s a certain piece you want, just tell your stylist. If it’s available in your size, it’ll be included in your next box. This is new since I was a Stitch Fix customer.  I would have loved another pair of those skinny jeans!
  • Not locked into a subscription. You don’t have to choose a subscription service. You can choose “on-demand” shipments. There is no penalty for doing this. This is a more affordable option if you don’t want new clothes every month. 
  • Try on new items with your own clothes. This is something I really like.  It’s nice to be able to try the pieces on at home with the proper undergarments, shoes, and accessories.  That way you can see if you have items that match.  No guessing.
  • There is no sign-up fee and shipping is free both ways.   


  • The $20 styling fee is nonrefundable.  This is lost if you return everything.  This never bothered me.  I think it only happened once. 
  • You pay full retail prices.  If you are a bargain shopper, you may not like this.  There are no sales.
  • You only get a 25% discount if you keep everything.  This never bothered me either.  I considered it a bonus.
  • You might find it expensive.  No sales, remember?

So, In Conclusion…

Stitch Fix did exactly what I needed it to do; it got me out of my style slump.  I also found it fun!  I discovered a new and better way to dress.  And I still love those skinny jeans!


Stitch Fix Skinny Jeans
Me in my Stitch Fix Skinny Jeans

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