The Miracle Product That Made It All Possible

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There is more than one way to stud a wall. Not wanting to bore you with the old-fashioned way, the way that requires two people or at least one very strong person, I am going to tell you about the way I, a grandmother, did it all by myself!  I didn’t invent this product, nor am I being paid to tell you about it.  However, it literally made it possible for me to finish my basement all by myself! So, what is this miracle product?


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InSoFast Insulation Panels!

 See the following info from their website

“An excellent, cost-effective way to insulate your basement interior is with closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam panels from InSoFast!

Feature-Rich InSoFast Panels

InSoFast is a style of engineered continuous insulation that comes in 2-foot x 4-foot interlocking panels of varying thicknesses. The closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam panels can be applied universally to any interior or exterior wall assembly in both new and retrofit construction projects.

The InSoFast UX 2.0 Panel is 2-inches thick with a flat surface that exposes the face of the embedded studs. R-8.5 continuous insulation, rot-resistant framing, drainage channels, electrical raceways, and a simple, stackable interlocking design make this panel the most cost-effective solution for base-level code requirements.

The InSoFast EX 2.5 Panel is 2 ½-inches thick. If you need a solution that goes beyond base-level, this panel’s continuous R-value of 10 outperforms traditionally framed R-15 batt walls and provides 20% more insulation than our UX panels. Its tighter interlocks and recessed studs keep the EX barrier truer and straighter, enabling it to bridge over cups, bows and other irregularities in concrete basement walls.

Panels include built-in chases that run both vertically and horizontally across each panel, enabling you to install electrical boxes anywhere you need them. They also provide a simple, easy way to insulate cold concrete floors. The attachment studs provide a secure surface to screw the subfloor.”


Not sure if you noticed this, but the STUDS are EMBEDDED in the panels!  See those vertical black stripes?  Those are the studs!  This means you can insulate and stud the wall, ALL IN ONE STEP! AND it’s done with GLUE!

The embedded studs made it so easy for me to accomplish my next step, which was nailing up shiplap planks.  The black studs were clearly visible for me to nail into with my favorite tool, the Ryobi brad nailer.


The other great thing about this company is that they are so consumer-friendly.  On their website, you will find step by step easy to follow directions and videos.  If you have trouble, give them a call.  They are friendly and helpful folks!

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The Old Way!



Picture of InSoFast insulation panels going up in mu basement
The New Way! I accomplished all this in one day!


  • Order online or by phone and they are delivered to your door
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Easy to cut
  • Interlocking panels 
  • Apply to walls with adhesive
  • No need to build a stud wall, studs are embedded
  • Easy to follow directions on their website and great customer support
  • R-value of 10
  • Can be installed by 1 person


  • More expensive than traditional insulation, but this might be outweighed by the savings of the lumber that you no longer have to buy.
  • You have to buy a full box so if you run out and only need one more panel, you’re stuck with a whole box


Despite those few negatives, I felt the product was well worth its cost as I never would have been able to build the room without it.

Finishing this first step with such ease gave me the confidence to move on to the more difficult steps.  Honestly, for a while there, I thought I was Superwoman.

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As always, take care. You can do it!



Picture of Ryobi Jigsaw
This saw was great for cutting through the insulation panels

Ryobi Jig Saw


A picture of a Ryobi Power Caulking Gun
This fantastic tool made the adhesive application go quickly with no hand pain. Fabulous!


Ryobi Power Caulk Gun

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