Toe Envy, An Epiphany

Picture of beautifully manicured toenails

I had a pedicure the other day.  So relaxing.  It’s the nicest little luxury I give myself.  I go in with tired feet and chipped, funky nails and come out with smooth massaged feet, beautiful toenails and a restored soul.  Or soles, ha ha.

But during this last pedicure, I found myself admiring the toes of the woman next to me.  (Actually 2 seats down due to covid-19). I try not to be weird, but I always check out the nail color my neighbor has chosen.  Anyway, this lady was my age or older and yet had beautiful straight toes.  My toes, on the other hand, are crazy crooked even after 4 surgeries. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t compliment her on her nice, straight toes.  Didn’t want to come off as a weirdo.  Or, even worse, draw attention to my toes.

So I sat there for a few minutes suffering serious toe envy.  OMG, Toe Envy.  And then it hit me. I should be grateful for my crooked toes. I am a lucky woman. I can still kick ass.

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