What To Wear While Confined To An Ugly Surgical Boot

Have you noticed how many people are hobbling around in those ugly CAM boots lately?  I recently had surgery on my left foot and it seems like I’m going to be one of those hobblers for a long time.

What Is A CAM Boot?

A CAM (controlled ankle motion) boot is an orthopedic device prescribed by your doctor to keep your foot and ankle area immobilized after surgery or an injury. It is made up of 2 parts; an adjustable flexible inner fabric liner for cushioning and an outer rigid frame to immobilize and protect the foot and/or leg.  

You can think of it as a cast because, for the first few weeks at least, it may as well be.  It can’t be removed. 

I really don’t mind as I’m a good patient and follow doctor’s orders.  The question is, though…WHAT TO WEAR?

The Boot May Be Ugly, But I Want To Still Look Stylish!

Ladies, I found so many wonderful options!

  • Bell bottom jeans
  • Stylish palazzo pants These pants are amazing!  So soft and comfy and light enough to be worn year-round.  Not only that, but they come in an amazing array of colors and patterns.

A picture of comfortable palazzo pants

  • Lounge Wear:  This season’s loungewear is so cute, you can feel free to wear it out!

  • Sweat pants:  You may have to remove the elastic in the leg where the boot will be worn
  • Wide-leg pants of all kinds!  They are IN this year!

To dress up you can find:

A picture of wide leg jumpsuit for women

A picture of black maxi skirt

Picture of a comfortable, flowy long dress

Try to keep your new clothes long and loose, keeping in mind that you probably will be sitting with your leg elevated.  This dress would be comfy and easy to wear.  Dress up or down.  A tight skirt wouldn’t work!


Wearing a walking boot has been shown to have a negative effect on balance.  Therefore, it is essential to wear a shoe with a 1 to 2-inch platform to balance the extra limb length added by the walking boot. This will even out your gait and keep you from teetering from side to side, limping, or even falling.  Let’s not injure your good foot as well!

A picture of sandals

I love these!  They are so comfortable and come in lovely muted colors.  I will wear them with everything this summer!

In Conclusion

The key to being comfortable in a surgical boot is to wear fairly loose stylish clothing.  In the first few weeks, you will be wearing the boot round the clock. Your pants will need to fit over the boot.  Anything tight is out.  

These are just a few items I found online. There are so many more.  If you like any of these great buys, act fast, they sell out quickly!

As always, take care. You can do it!

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